Hello, welcome to visit the corporate website of Wuxi Inoco Petrochemical Machinery Co., Ltd.!
INOCO - Manufacturer of the demanding condition filtration separation equipment

After decades of precipitation, INOCO business has covered filtration separation、PM2.5 smelting、Anti-corrosion, Water treatment, Vessel & modules and International trading. INOCO Filtration Separation Department has three major production bases . Our plant have ASME U, GB, and CE certification that can provide a full range of filtration separation systems. Its innovative and sustainable solutions help customers increase product value while enhancing competitiveness.


Since its establishment, INOCO always adhere to do filtration products with the world advanced level, to create the China filtration enterprise new value as the mission. For a decade, INOCO has made great achievements in areas such as product quality, brand image, technology innovation, after-sales service and corporate social responsibility. We’re looking forward to the next decade of INOCO.

About us

INOCO filtration and separation department has three large production bases, which can supply all range filtration and separation system , we specializes in filter product design for harsh working conditions,Its innovative and sustainable solutions help customers increase product value.

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